Pimâpotew Kinosewak
AmyAgitated TDPI Ep02
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Teal
Template:Nolinkclr Samey (Twin sister), mother
Enemies Samey, Jasmine
Template:Nolinkclr Bryn McAuley

Amy, labelled The Evil Twin. Amy is a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as a member of the Pimâpotew Kinosewak. She has an identical twin named Samey. Although she looks just like her sister, Amy is the brains of the pair, and uses her sadistic wits to manipulate and control her.  


So, Uh This is My Team?Edit

Amy first appears on the plane with the other contestants, and is annoyed with many of the other campers. She calls Jasmine a "giant", and forces Samey to switch places with her so she doesn't have to sit near Beardo. When it is evident that the plane will crash, Amy luckily grabs a working parachute while Samey's

Amy lands on top of Samey.

is broken. When Samey tries to hang on to her, she kicks her off. After Samey lands on the beach, Amy lands right on top of her, cushioning her fall but crushing her sister in the process. Both Amy and Samey are put into Team Kinosewak along with Rodney, Jasmine, Scarlett, Max, and Topher. During the challenge, both Amy and Samey volunteer along with Rodney to collect objects for the team. However, Amy uses Samey as a human shield to keep the tennis balls launched by Chef Hatchet from hitting her. When Samey starts screaming, Amy claims that she is making them look weak. For the rest of the challenge, Amy and Samey help contruct Team Kinosewak's tower fort and obey Jasmine's instructions. Due to the weak stature of Team Maskwak's tower, Amy's team wins the challenge.

I Love You, Grease Pig!Edit

Twinning Isn't EverythingEdit

A Blast From The PastEdit


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Audition TapeEdit

Total Drama Pahkitew Island Amy's Audition Tape-0

Total Drama Pahkitew Island Amy's Audition Tape-0